Number And Word Puzzle

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    Number And Word Puzzle

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    The crosswords section doesn¡¯t include any crossword puzzles out of the box, but you will next to be offered to download puzzles from the last days for you to solve. They will appear in the puzzle list once the downloads are completed. If you want downloads to be automatic you will have to select this in the preference options.

    Network connection is required to play crosswords as the games become available via downloads, and downloads will fail without a network connection. If this is the case, you can try again later by selecting the Download option available by pressing the Menu button on the selection screen.

    Do you want to download 10 puzzles now?

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    There are three game levels for you to select.

    For the easy level, medium level and hard level, there are 30 unsolved puzzles waiting for you.

    If you think you are good at the game, you could select hard level to challenge.

    If you think your skill is just-so-so, try the medium level.

    But if you are playing the game for the first time, easy level is your best choice.

    At the beginning of game playing, there are several input modes which you can use to fill in the puzzle.

    In order to help you get familiar with these modes, there will be several hints displayed as you go through them.

    You could also disable these hints in game settings.

    1. Popup mode.

    Tap any cell with finger to edit its content.

    Notice the button in the lower right corner. You can use this button to switch to another input mode.

    2. Single number (SN) mode.

    First select any number button by pressing it. Then just tap on cells in which you want to have selected number filled.

    Press Pencil button to toggle cell¡¯s note editing.

    3. Numpad.

    Buttons act as a standard numeric keyboard.

    Also press Pencil button to toggle cell¡¯s note editing.


    Here you could change the grid size, word bank, and how you highlight words by pushing the Menu button and selecting Preference.

    Or you can pick how you highlight words now.

    Tap means you tap on the first and last letters but noting in between.

    Drag means you highlight the entire word without lifting your finger.