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    Do you send the same messages over and over?

    Do you have to notify someone every single day that you have safely arrived to home, school, or work?

    Do you want to instantly send a 'help me' sms(including your location on map)
    to someone you trust, when you are in real danger?

    Did you ever wanted to quickly tell someone that trying to reach you, that you're not capable to talk right now because you're stuck in a meeting or experiencing a boring accompany(setting with your talkative aunt's husband for example)?

    Do you want to send new custom sms to someone with one click on your home screen?

    If you have that someone in your life then your day would be much easier if you started using this widget.

    With 'On The Go sms widget' you can send a predefined template message, to a predefined contact with one press on one of the four symbols
    (home, school, some one on shoulders, custom).

    and with the fifth (danger) symbol you can overcome a real danger with one touch, by letting a predefined contact to know your location on the planet.

    Download this Ad-free app, and decorate your home screen with this elegant widget.
    (free stuff)

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