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    Ozzy Osbourne ultimate fans app, Live updates, news stories, videos, photos, audio streaming, fans blog feeds. This app also covers his days with Black Sabbath!

    There are 2 video channels, 2 photos albums, 3 x playlists audio streaming and 5 blogs feeds full of more videos and pics to keep any fan entertained for hours, all up 16 Tabs to choose from including official Facebook and Twitter.

    This amazing web app gives you hours of entertainment by constantly updated news feeds video channels, audio streams and blog feeds all at an instance notice right at your fingertips, don't spend hours searching the web when your have this powerful fan app installed.

    No Ozzy Osbourne sign-up needed or asked for to start using this app. Also there is no e-mail list to join. No hassle and fast install.

    ***Note: Some playlists in this app are huge! and may take 5 - 10 seconds to load on a good G4/Wi-Fi connection

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