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    PFRPG Assistant is a PFRPG tool for Android that was born from a desire to streamline the tedious aspects of the game, and simplify the game play. It provides players an interface to manage their stats, feats, traits, skills, spells, equipment, buffs, etc. It then auto-calculate bonuses and abilities and manage things such as move, hit bonus, damage, attacks, CMB, CMD, AC, Touch, flat footed, saving throws, attacks, etc.

    Choose from a database of over: 1100 feats, 45 classes, 50 types of armor, 200 weapons, 280 traits, 1500 spells, 340 monsters, and much more.

    What It Does:
    Attacks: Standard, Dual Wield, Full Round, Cleave, Doublestrike, Charge, Flurry, Backstab, Ranged
    Combat Maneuvers, Saving Throws, Many basic class abilities.

    What’s missing?
    The majority of the archetypes do not work yet.
    Application of feats and trait bonuses that are mostly institutional are poorly implemented.
    Throwing weapons not well implemented
    *Meta magic feat application - Semi working

    Future Goals:
    Custom Die Rolls


    * Tower Shield Attack Penalty Implemented


    * Alchemist

    * Persistant Mutagen

    * Cavalier

    * Supreme Charge

    * Stun/Staggered prompt
    * Doubled on normal weapons
    * Tripples with Lances
    * Fighter
    * Phalanx fighter
    * Deft Shield

    * Defensive Actions Added
    * Total Defense - Add 1 round buff based on total defense benefit.
    * Fight Defensively - Add 1 round buff based on total defense benefit.

    * Spells
    * Many spell buffs fixed, including duration readouts.

    * Spirited Charge

    * Doubled on normal weapons
    * Tripples with Lances

    * Ammo
    * Added menu item to add additional ammo.

    * Consumable (Pots, Rods, Wands)
    * Added menu item to add charges/set charges.


    * Core, Featured, and Uncommon Races are all listed now.
    * Added the ability to add, and remove, Alternate Racial abilities for all races.
    * Implemented the rules of the majority of static abilities of races, that is, abilities that give a constant benefit that can be measured by the app. Features that give situational benefit that the app would be unaware are still not implemented (IE, +4 handle animal vs Rodents).

    * Made general changes to languages, traits, etc, to better describe the items.
    * Reformatted the combat screen to add defense actions, move actions, and accommodate the increasing specific saving throw options based on fear, illusion, etc a character may have.

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