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    Track all phone activity at realtime. Log text messages(sms), phone calls, remote voice recording

    sms commands:
    default password is 1234 you can change it from menu settings in PhoneGuardSecurityApp

    return sms with current position on droid

    begin to emit laud alarm sound

    turn on voice recording for 1 minute and send audio file to control panel

    password,lock,password,phone number, message
    lock phone with defined password, show custom screen with your message and allow to call only on number that you define

    unlock feature from control panel up to 24 use time:
    - remote voice recording
    - take snapshot and send it to your mail on fail password attempt

    Phone Guard Security App - Track, Spy, find Lost or Stolen Phones and Tablets

    The Control Panel on our website lets you see the location of your phone, the phone number it is used with (useful if the SIM card was replaced) and the phone numbers of incoming and outgoing calls and text (SMS) messages.

    This is the only app that does all of this, live in real time.

    The mobile app and the Control Panel on our website do all following things for your smartphone or your tablet:

    - The app goes in to very low profile mode and it is hard for anyone to discover or detect.
    - It works even if the SIM card of the phone or the tablet is removed or replaced.
    - It works even if there is no GPS coverage or GPS is for some reason turned off. The app in this case uses the network locating capability.
    - The mobile app will try to activate the GPS receiver (for more precise location) when possible.
    - If the phone or tablet has not access to data network (4G, 3G, GPRS, Wi-Fi) the app will try to communicate by text message (SMS).
    - The app implements a Voice Record function which allows you to remotely turn on the microphone of the phone and record conversations or other sounds around it.
    - The app allows for a Phone Lock mode. It allows you to lock the phone remotely, set a new password and if someone tries to open the phone and uses a wrong password the phone will take a photo of them and send it to you. (Only works on phones with front facing camera).

    How it Works

    After you install the app, if you lost or your phone or you suspect it is stolen, on the Control Panel you can monitor its location and the phone numbers of incoming and outgoing calls and text messages (SMS), also the phone number it is used with if the SIM card was replaced.

    In addition to monitoring location and phone numbers used, the Control Panel can give you the IP address that the phone or tablet uses over Wi-Fi or other networks. You can use the IP address to get approximate location when no GPS signal or mobile network is available. You can decide to give such lead info to law enforcement.

    Our Control Panel also offers a Sound Beacon button, that makes the phone emit a loud alarm sound to help you find it when lost. The Sound Beacon will work even if the phone was set on silent by the user.

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