Pirate Monkey Unlock




    There is a monkey star all over the world,whose name is Julius.
    It is printed on many items,such as sports clothes,sunglasses,handbag,etc.
    Its name is equally famous as ZIPPO.

    But have you ever seen a pirate Julius anywhere?
    As long as you download this application to your phone and the pirate Julius will come up on your phone screen.

    Why is this application?
    This funny and interesting application could lock and unlock your phone screen.
    And the unlocking screen is very stylish.
    At night,the moon light is shed on your phone screen.
    The sea is dancing in the dark night.
    With sword in his hand,the pirate Julius is standing in the boat to wait for your order to unlock your screen.
    Really cool,huh?

    What is the functions of the application?

    1.It could help you to lock your screen.

    2.Unlocking the screen is another of its functions.

    3.It replaces the default screen lock in your phone and change the outlook.

    4.The information of time and date is displayed on the main interface.

    5.While unlocking,it has ringtone and vibration effect.

    6.It allows you to select full lock screen or expand the status bar so that you could check the new notifications.

    7.You could enter the Home,Phone and SMS quickly.

    How many ways to unlock the screen?
    In total,there are four ways to unlock the screen.
    First,slide the SMS icon down to unlock and it will go to SMS directly.

    Second,slide the locker icon down to unlock and it will go to Home directly.

    Third,similarly,slide the Phone icon down to unlock and it will go to Phone directly.

    Last,it is a shortcut key.Long press the "Find " button to unlock.

    If you love Julius,please install this app and set it as your screen locker.
    Any suggestion or bug,please drop an email to us!!!

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