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    An amazing collection of some 360 videos of Plane Crashes and near misses!

    The first 24 are included:

    B-24 Crash
    The ultimate plane crash compilation 2
    Plane landing on heavy wind almost crashes
    Retarded airplane Landing
    Very low plane
    Tradewinds Boeing 747 Rejected Takeoff Crash
    Boeing 747 comes in at crazy angle
    jumbo jet blows people into the water
    Airliner Crash Compilation - Plane Crashes
    Airplane Crashes Compilation 2
    Aircraft Crash Compilation
    Unseen 911 Footage of Second Plane Hitting Tower
    Landing IL-76 - ind from a cabin of the pilot
    Crazy landing with IL76MF
    Bad landing on russian Aircraft carrier
    C-130 Hercules on an Aircraft Carrier
    WW2 Airplane crash landings on US Aircraft Carrier
    Bird in engine
    fatal landing 2007 june
    Plane crash737 tries to land with gear up
    plane crash
    Plane crashes into the sea

    The rest can easily be added:
    Hit The Deck Aircraft Carrier Crashes
    P-38 Crash
    Me-109 G10 Landing mishap at ILA 2008 in Berlin
    Me-109-G10 and Me-262 seen on airshow
    WW2 Bomber Command Lancaster bombing raid unknown target
    Mosquito crash
    Lightning Crash at Duxford
    Hurricane crash Duxford
    Air Show Crash
    Spitfire kisses Helicopter
    Mig-29 crash at Paris Air Show Le Bourget 1989
    Mig-29 life and death part2
    Ramstein 1
    2002 Pt Mugu Airshow F4 Phantom Crash
    Spitfire Crash
    More Bouncing Bomb Boo Boo
    Raw Video Crash Landing at German Air Show
    Aircraft Carrier Accident
    Helicopter Crash on Aircraft Carrier
    Landings and Missed Traps F14 F18 A6a
    Amphibian plane Do 24 overruns zodiac
    Aircraft Crash landing
    Planes Over Hong Kong 1998
    747 Crosswind Landing Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport 1998
    Crazy 747 Crosswind Landing - HEP67
    Tegucigalpa Honduras Toncontin airport landing
    Plane Close Shots
    All feared dead in Pakistan plane crash
    Devastation at scene of Bhoja Air crash in Pakistan
    Bhoja Airlines flight 213 crash site visuals
    Bhoja plane crash Over 100 passengers feared dead
    Geo Reports-Site of the Plane Crash-20 Apr 2012
    List of passengers who were on board Bhoja Airlines
    Raw Video Pakistani Passenger Jet Crashes
    Bhoja Air Crash Not a routine accident
    Bhoja Air crash site
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 1 - Aircraft Crash Compilation 1
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 2 - Aircraft Crash Compilation 2
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 3 - Aircraft Crash Compilation 3
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 4 - Aircraft Crash Compilation 4
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 5 - Aircraft Crash Compilation 5
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 6 - Aircraft Crash Compilation 6
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 7 - Aircraft Crash Compilation 7
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 8 - Aircraft Crash Compilation 8
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 9 - Aircraft Crash Compilation 9
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 10-Aircraft Crash Compilation 10
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 11-Aircraft Crash Compilation 11
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 12-Aircraft Crash Compilation 12
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 13-Aircraft Crash Compilation 13
    Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 14-Aircraft Crash Compilation 14
    Acidentes com avioes e helicpteros
    Dramatic Fiery Air Show Crash
    Destroyed in Seconds- Air Show MiG Collision
    Plane Crash Lands at Shoreham Airport 1993
    Shoreham Airshow 2010 Glider Crash
    TV Trekanten - Helicopter Crash
    Huey helicopter shot down
    AH-64A Apache Helicopter Crash
    Patrouille de France Crash
    dramatic video of plane colliding with family car
    South African Impala aerobatic team crash
    Gone Balloon Gone
    helicopter crash
    P-51 Mustang Crash 050408
    De Haviland DHC-1 Chipmunk crash at Wanaka
    Formation crash
    Worlds Most Amazing Videos-Plane Crash
    P-63 Kingcobra Crash
    le 11 septembre autrement images incroyable
    Helicopter almost crash
    helicopter crash new student with no instructor
    Private Video
    worst air show accident
    Plane Crash Complication
    Helicopter Accident
    British Bomber Collision and Crash
    Plane loses its wings at airshow
    de Havilland Beaver Plane Crash at Lake Hood HD
    Helicopter Crash Tschernobyl

    and many more

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