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    PlayBets Mobile Casino is a supporting player in the gaming system. Particular emphasis is placed on the intuitive interface, simplicity and speed. In version 1.0 of the player has a choice of systems: Martingale, BigMartingale, Fibonacci, Labouchere, 1-3-2-6 and slog Oscar.

    The main screen shows a list of available application systems. After selecting each window reveals to us with a summary of information about the current instance of the system (if so we have created, loaded) or general information about the characteristics of the algorithm. From here we are able to load a saved instance of the system, go to the last edition of the plant currently loaded instance or create a new one.

    After loading instances get information about all the facilities of its composition, and each bet is characterized by a unique name, the date of the conclusion, the instance name of the system, staked rate, multiplier, projected profit (loss potential), information or factory finished and that the system completed, any rate the next bet and state portfolio.

    Editing window allows you to easily provide information on whether the plant has been completed and with what result (win, defeat), add another bet in the system instance (if an instance of the system has not been done), delete the last bet, and delete all the plants in the instance .

    The window system and the creation of a new plant to add another instance of the system contains edit fields such as system name, the name of the bet, the rate of the bet, the bet factor and switch automatically naming bets. How to specify names for individual plants is dependent on the system, but most systems provides the option of automatic naming, thus significantly reducing the time to add more bets in the instance.

    Application memorize all bets placed on the user's request, and provides a set of statistics for assessing how well his game.

    Note: The free version only available Martingale system.

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