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    He’s a hot & sexy virtual guy avatar with voice recognition in your pocket.

    NO STILL PHOTOS HERE. Unlike other applications that only offer some random image gallery; Pocket Boyfriend moves, He’s interactive, and most importantly he’s real.

    YES HE’S REAL! We use movie clips of an actual live hottie; in various outfits, poses, and positions and shot exclusively for your entertainment. He’s a naughty cleaver talking virtual lover who’ll make a great illusion or prank to tease your husband / girlfriend.

    ★★ KEY FEATURES ★★★★★★★★★★

    ❶ He Talks to You..... And what he has to say is absolutely hilarious! Hundreds of funny one liners that every girl loves to hear, but no sane guy would ever utter.

    ❷ He’s Hot, Really Hot..... And yes that’s a feature.☺

    ❸ He Listens to You..... Ask him any question and He’ll respond to it. He’s smart and will try his very best to predict what you’ll want to hear.

    ❹ He’s Animated..... He engages with you and playfully shows you his assets. Zoom in on any part of him for a different perspective.

    ❺ He’s Interactive..... He’ll even miss you when you’re gone. He’s accelerometer aware. Shake him. Touch him.


    And not lame updates but MAJOR NEW FEATURES that will be continuously added. He’ll grow and change just like a real man.

    We're already hard at work on the next update to Pocket Boyfriend, and as a proud owner you are entitled to each and every update we provide for free. In future updates expect to see new groundbreaking features that will push the limits of interactivity.

    ★★ USE STATEMENT ★★★★★★★★

    Please be advised, in order to keep this app 100% free we are forced to bundle it with advertising. In using this app, you may see advertisements in the form of banners, notification messages, and icons on your home screen. If you do not wish to see these advertisements then we encourage you to download and use the paid version of Pocket Boyfriend, which in addition to containing even more features and great content is also completely advertisement free.


    Voice Recognition requires an Internet connection in order to work.

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