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    Pocket Event Scheduler
    Looking for an easy way to manage your busy schedule? The pocket event scheduler application will allow you to easily manage all your appointments with just a few clicks. You can schedule one event or two, create a series of events, manage your events and set alarms so you’ll never miss an important appointment again.
    • Easily manage your schedule
    • Manage one or two events and create a series of events
    • Set alarms so you’ll never miss an appointment

    Main screen - The main screen will show you the next date for your events and will allow you to make changes to your schedule. If you have more than one, events will be labeled ‘event one’ and ‘event two’. You can also set a series of dates for each event and an alarm will go off the day before to remind you of your appointment.

    To set an event: Click the ‘Edit Appointments’ button. This will bring up a screen with five (5) buttons on top. The buttons represents the event that is not being edited. If you click on the line below, it will change to the new event being edited and the buttons will change to the event that is not being edited. The name of the event, located below the button, can be changed simply by clicking on it.

    On the button you will see a list of dates with alarms scheduled. To make changes;
    1. Click on the date to EDIT it
    2. Add a date by clicking the ADD button
    3. Remove a date by clicking the DEL button
    4. Reset (to start with one date again) by clicking the RESET button
    When you are finished making changes, you can click UPDATE to set your changes, or CANCEL if you want to start over
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