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    Published: 2013-11-12, by Janel.

    The laugh track and canned applause you've always wanted, now in the palm of your hand

    • Delightfully cheesy
    • Several levels of laughter/applause intensity
    • Simple interface
    • A one-trick pony
    • I doubt you'll remember it in the right moment

    "RA-AY! So funny, every single time"

    Your humor may be stuck 15 years ago, but your terrible puns can now receive exactly the audience they deserve. Bring the exquisite, subtle flavor of early 90’s teen comedy to your day-to-day. Propaganda3, Inc.'s Pocket Sitcom explains it all.

    Use the remote control interaction to select the appropriate crowd reaction according to what's going on. Entering a room in style? Have the crowd put up a cheer. Planting a smooch on your darling? You clearly need a chorus of "ooooooh"s. Choose from three different intensity levels of applause and laughter, depending on just how much of a punchline you've delivered.

    The cheesiness is through the roof, and I bet you love it. Propaganda3, Inc.'s Pocket Sitcom doesn't include many features, and I can't see myself remembering I have it installed on my phone in time to use it at just the right moment - but if you were looking for insta-laughs at the touch of a button, your quest is over.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Nov 12, 2013


    This popular iPhone app is now available for Android!

    Pocket Sitcom gives you the personal laugh track and canned applause you always wanted, plus the little extras you need to bring the early 90’s teen comedy to your everyday activities…And it and it all fits right into the pocket of your Zumbas….

    You will never have the chance to pull a fast one on Mr. Belding. You’ll never look cool doing the Urkel. Clarissa will never explain it all, an estranged cousin from Mepos will never knock on your door and no one wants to meet you at the Peach Pit for fries. Face it - no matter how hard you try, no matter how many re-runs you watch, your TV sitcom fantasies will never come true.

    Except for one.

    Pocket Sitcom provides the soundtrack for the Sitcom of your life. Choose the right chuckle for you well-placed pun, the fitting cheer for you neighborly entrance, or flex those muscles to the loud swoon you always deserved. Whatever the occasion, Pocket Sitcom is designed to add the perfect touch of cheese to your modern life and bring a dash of TGIF to every day of the week. All you need now is an oversized cell phone. So c’mon preppy, life is short – give it the soundtrack it deserves.

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