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    Pointless Debates

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    You're at a small party, or meeting some friends and don't know what to talk about? What about some pointless debates? You can look geeky and intellectual at once!
    Debate with your friends:
    Who's faster, sonic or the road runner.
    Who's stronger, the hulk or the thing.
    Does the Avengers beat the Justice League?
    Who will win, superman or green lantern?
    magic or yu-gi-oh ?
    kirk or picard?
    luigi or mario?
    kirby or dito?
    dumbledore organdalf?
    family guy or the simpsons?
    Dr. Who or back to the future?
    ewoks or gremlins?
    Kin Jong Un or PSY?
    Peach or Zelda?
    Bender or Roger?
    Neo or son goku?
    lucky luke or the flash?
    Who will win, Legolas or Hawk Eye?
    Star Wars or Star Trek?
    Digimon or Pokemon?

    A great start if you want to get more confident or win an argument.
    So the next time you meet with your friends what about some pseudo intellectual debates with a great geek factor!

    There is no better way to break the ice then to debate about something that doesn't really makes much sense.
    You don't have to argue with facts if the thing you arguing about doesn't even exist.

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