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    PokéCalc is the new calculator for Pokémon games.

    This app is NOT a videogame!
    If you download this application hoping to play to a Pokémon game you are wrong, this is only a calculator to be used with the real games.
    Please don't leave a bad review if you have download a calculator without knowing what it is or what it does.

    With PokeCalc now you can:
    - calculate the Individual Values (IV) of your pokémon, by selecting your pokémon species, input the level, nature, stats and now also characteristic and best stat for more accurated result
    - calculate the Hidden Power (HP) type and strength of your pokémon, by direct input of the IVs or from the result of the IVs calculation
    - calculate the Stats of your pokémon, for comparing them against the lower bound (0 IV and 0 EV) and upper bound (31 IV and 255 EV) for that pokémon at the chosen level

    Other features of this app:
    - new better pokémon selection screen, now with improved search (find any pokémon names containing the specified query), filter by generation (view 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th generation pokémon), sort result by pokedex number or pokémon name in ascending or descending order
    - input stats validation
    - display pokémon names in 7 languages (English, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Korean and now also Spanish) so that if you are playing a foreign game you can find easily the pokémon you are searching for

    This application is actually translated in the following languages:
    - English
    - Italian
    - German
    - Spanish
    More languanges will come soon.

    This calculator can be used for every 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th generation Pokémon game:
    - Pokémon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon
    - Pokémon Sun / Moon
    - Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (OR/AS)
    - Pokémon X / Y
    - Pokémon Black 2 / White 2 (B2/W2)
    - Pokémon Black / White (B/W)
    - Pokémon Heart Gold / Soul Silver (HG/SS)
    - Pokémon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum (D/P/Pt)
    - Pokémon Fire Red / Leaf Green (FR/LG)
    - Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald (R/S/E)

    Note that the formula used to calculate the IVs give you an estimate of the real IVs values, the higher the level of your pokemon, the better the result.
    For more accurate results input also EVs, Characteristic and Best stat.
    You can know your pokémon best stat by speaking to the Stats Judge (you can find him in the Battle Tower for 4th generation games, in the Gear Station for 5th generation games, and in Kiloude City's Pokémon Center for 6th generation games).

    This application is available in two versions:
    - PokéCalc Trainer Edition, free ads support version
    - PokéCalc Master Edition, paid version

    This application doesn't use any copyrighted materials, only public domain information.
    No logo, picture or sprite, nothing from the original games was used.
    Pokémon is a trademark of Nintendo / The Pokémon Company.

    * INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions are required by Google AdMob ads.

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