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    Published: 2014-02-06, by Janel.

    Fifty full streaming Pokémon episodes

    • Fifty full streaming episodes
    • Remembers where you've left off each show
    • Pikachu!
    • Can't download full episodes to device
    • Someday, you're going to run out of episodes

    "Gotta watch 'em all"

    Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight! Meowth that's right! If your Pokéheart's already poképattering with pokéglee, you definitely need The Pokémon Company International's Pokémon TV app, for all the Ash, Pikachu, Piplup, and Weezing goodness you can stand right in the palm of your hand (I name these particular characters since I see them in the previews. Give me time!).

    Browse fifty full episodes by region; the app includes ten each from Unova, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto. Do make sure you've got either a wifi connection or an unlimited data plan - the shows stream rather than download directly to your device. Playback is smooth and quality is high. The soundtrack is in English - which I normally object to with anime - but in this case it jams on the nostalgia button just right, since I hold such fond Saturday morning memories cavorting with Jigglypuff in my native language.

    The app will remember where you've left off in each episode, and of course you can fast forward, rewind, and pause at will.

    I'd love an option to download whole episodes for later viewing without wifi connection; no idea how this would jive with copyright issues, but it would certainly be handy on car rides and/or island excursions. That there are just fifty fixed episodes is both great and a bummer; the prospect of seeing all of them is lovely, but as their number dwindle, so too does the appeal of the app.

    And yet, and yet. You just gotta watch 'em all. The Pokémon Company International's Pokémon TV is a great lil' companion app for pocket monster fiends everywhere.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Feb 06, 2014


    Download the latest Pokémon TV app, complete with awesome new features and even easier navigation! Now it’s even more fun and easy to watch incredible Pokémon animated adventures starring Ash, Pikachu, and all their friends. Don’t miss movies, episodes, special animated features, and more. And, as always, this Pokémon TV app is free!

    Easy Access with My Channel!
    When you start watching a video, it will automatically be added to your channel so you can quickly resume it where you left off. Recently completed episodes will also stay in your channel so you can easily find out what to watch next!

    Watch Offline!
    If you’re planning to be without network access for a while, don’t worry! With the updated app, you can mark one episode, movie, or feature for offline viewing. This video will be stored to your device in your channel so you can watch it any time. With the Pokémon TV app, you’re ready to watch wherever and whenever! The video will automatically be removed from the channel after one week.

    Rate Your Favorite Episodes!
    In the new Pokémon TV app, you’ll also be able to rate each video after you’ve finished watching it. With this fun feature, you can see the average rating and contribute your own score!

    Stay Up to Date with Push Notifications!
    We’ve also added push notifications to let you know when more movies and episodes have been added to the app. With push notifications enabled, you’ll be the first to know what awesome adventures await the next time you watch!

    The Pokémon TV app is the perfect way for Pokémon fans to keep up with Pokémon TV episodes.

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