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    Where am I? Ponbunsil, lover position, child location, Do not worry about friends' locations

    Did you lose an expensive mobile phone?
    Like the location of a loved one wonder?
    Looking worried about kids not coming home?
    Organization to go and take a trip together with my friends I'm curious about the location?

    Do not worry. Phone location tracker progress.

      Outgoing character that phone app that's not installed
      Character is how you receive phone installed. Installation no pondeului
      Where to get information about what this app is not installed
      Location: Word can check the phone to another phone.

    ※ How to take advantage of:
    - If you lose your phone
    - She does not contact you if you want to find the location of the
    - Children do not come home on time if you want to know the current location
    - When you want to determine the location of Chinhan

    ※ How to use
    The program is installed as follows: phone, send SMS messages.
    @ Find
    The current location of mobile phone SMS received again by SMS
    Allows transmission. URL link to a text message-capable cell phones
    Just received a message, press to confirm the location map and
    Phones that feature an older general information on the Internet message
    Enter your current location can determine right away.

    Example) Position Tracker app is installed, your phone 010-1111-2222
        By phone 010-2222-3333 010-1111-2222
        @ Find sms sending
        Position information is received.

    ※ If you do not receive the current position solution (90% resolution)

    Comprehensive details of how the complaint is verified.
    If you have problems running under check and please you to read.

    If you can not work under way for
    More problems to contact us directly through the contents and then checked
    No value if there is a problem we'll refund one trillion.

    ① again to send text messages to request the current position
    - Mobile phones do not work properly pondeulyi map is a map.
      When you send a message back to work were often successfully.

    ② Check the status of your Internet connection
    - If it does not, your Internet connection may not work.

    Preferences - wireless and networking - wifi or mobile network settings
    Preferences - Location & security - using your wireless network (WIFI, Mobile Network using the measurement locations).

    ③ hyudaeponnae set the GPS settings available in My Account
    - In preference to do GPS ON position information is available.

    Preferences - Location & security - GPS satellite use (intended to street level navigation and accurately)
    Preferences - Location & security - GPS uses a helper (increased accuracy).

    ④ Mobile App running my internal map
    - Sometimes the phone's map of the map due to a problem may not work properly.
      Built-in maps, map, especially once the case of customers who have never used a lot of these problems occurred.

    Pressing the Menu Keys - Select your location - exactly what I can determine the current position

    ⑤ On Self-Test
    Their own phone installed apps that send ponege @ find sms to check how it works.

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