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    Prank Call Ideas

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    You will be laughing out loud with these hilarious prank call ideas! Make your slumber party into the craziest funny night ever!

    Are you running out of prank call ideas?

    No worries, the app Prank Call Ideas will give you more than you could ever ask for. We have so many prank call ideas for you that you will be laughing the whole night, and all of the next prank nights to come. Share it with your friends and family and try it out during a slumber party!

    “Brilliant! Was frickin hard to keep myself from laughing…” – Joe H.

    Prank Call Ideas is a great app that would give you countless of ideas when playing a joke over the phone.

    One of the best things to do during a slumber party is to prank call someone, just put it up on speaker phone and let your friends hear the funny conversation together with your victim. Sometimes you run out of ideas, but not without this wonderful new app Prank Call Ideas, the pranks are tried and tested and you will be surprised with how creative these pranks are!

    Tons of Laughs Over the Phone

    • Ideas that would dare you not to laugh during the call

    • See how they will believe that they won a prize

    • Pushing a stranger’s buttons for some hilarious conversation

    I Dare You Not to Laugh

    • Who are you looking for again?

    • The mind boggling approach

    • Irritating for them, funny for you!

    Most of us have done a phone prank or two before. We always do the conventional or very common ones, like pretending you are someone else trying to have some small talk while the person on the other end of the line quizzically acknowledges the conversation, without knowing he or she is being duped. That always gives us some very funny results especially when hearing the confusion in the voice on the other end of the line. Let’s take the notch up higher okay? It is time to be creative and discover some new prank call ideas, that’s where the very funny app Prank Call Ideas comes handy.

    A prank call, or also known as “crank call” is a kind of practical joke done over the telephone, usually with the prankster doing the calls and turning the person at the other end of the line his or her victim of the joke. Prank phone calls began to sweep over many countries, turning it into one of the most common kind of prank everywhere. During the course of many years, prank calling gradually became a staple practice for jokers and jokers everywhere. You can even hear some being done on the radio. There are plenty of ways to do a prank call and it is amazing how technological advances made the very funny practice of prank calling more and more interesting and funny.

    During the time of the early prank callers, things are much easier in a way, some just dial a random number without worrying if they will find you and get back at you. It is also a great way for playing tricks on your friends, with that you have the advantage because you know the person to a certain level and you will know how to engage him or her, how to keep their interests alive while you are pretending you are someone else. Nowadays we have such a thing as caller ID, not everyone has them but you can be sure that your number will be traced if the receiving end has one, but don’t make that stop you from doing prank calls, you just have to be more daring and creative, and you can get ideas from the awesome app Prank Call Ideas.

    Download Prank Call Ideas now and find out how funnier can doing prank calls get!

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