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    For the true pranksters out there, everyday is April Fool’s day! Let Pranks help you get a laugh anytime, anywhere!

    Are you looking for prank ideas that are sure success?

    Pranks give you huge prank ideas to play on your friends or even with strangers! Many of the tips are great for parties and get-togethers. Play some lighthearted prank on your loved one and remember it with joy and laughter in the years to come!

    “Pranks! Pranks! Pranks! Gotta try them all!” – Gary S.

    Pranks is a very funny and informative app created for all you pranksters out there. If you seem to be running out of pranks then this is the app for you.

    There are so many pranks to choose from, all these gags and jokes are a sure hit in parties or even if you are just bored. Feel free to browse all of them with the shake of your phone and see what joke to play on your friends, with every shake and every discovery, each app is a treasure! Oh boy you’re going to be laughing so hard after trying them out.

    Are You In?

    • Your friends will want to be in the whole shenanigan

    • A slumber party with endless laughs

    • The poor unsuspecting victim can’t do anything about it

    Hilarious Ideas

    • Imagine playing this wicked prank on your teacher!

    • Talk about rude awakening

    • See if you can pull this prank off without laughing

    Have you ever pulled a glorious prank that was bound to be in the record books of your college years? If not, then you better start doing something now or forever be forgotten, or worse; remembered as the person with no sense of humor or sense of adventure. We created this funny app called Pranks especially for you, so you know what that means? This is your opportunity! Pranks are little jokes or gags that we play on the people we know and love, others do it on strangers but you have to be careful with that, some people are not born with a funny bone in their bodies and might take it the wrong way. If you do them right, they could make everyone involved, including the victim laugh so hard.

    The obvious key to successful funny pranks is to ruffle your victim’s feathers without making them too angry or frightened. When you are doing a practical joke on someone make sure that it won’t damage that victim emotionally and physically, you don’t want your friendship to be over just because of a silly prank. There’s a fine line between a friendly prank or joke and scarring a person for life! We now give you some awesome tips and suggestions that would give you lots of hearty laughs with your friends and also funny memories which you can treasure forever.

    Some people even made careers out of pulling pranks, and you can always remember that prankster during your school years, they developed that reputation by being creative in their jokes and you know when that person is around, someone in the room is going to be a victim of a practical joke. Some people are just natural at pulling off jokes. Some even become celebrities doing what they love the most, pulling off a crazy prank. There are different kinds of pranks, you can see lots of them on television, you can see celebrities, comedians and entertainers pulling pranks on unsuspecting victims or with their colleagues. It seems fun doesn’t it? Well, I’m not saying you should leave your 8-5 job and start being the prankster in your neighborhood, I would not recommend that, but you can add a little spice to the boring humdrums of life by doing a little joke and sharing with your friends, or better yet, make a light hearted joke out of your friends!

    Are you ready to be the hometown prankster? Start with downloading Pranks now!

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