Qello Tablet P




    Whether you want to get the party going with a live concert or immerse yourself in a great music documentary, Qello delivers the ultimate musical video experience in crystal clear High Definition.

    Looking for Eminem? We've got the real Slim Shady.

    Bob Marley? Lively up yourself.

    Rolling Stones? Start me up.

    Mumford & Sons? We've got it, little lion man.

    With the largest and ever-expanding collection of HD concert titles and amazing documentaries available, you can bet Qello has shows you already love and one's you'll fall in love with.

    The app is free to download and includes show previews and hours of free content in the Qello TV section. To get unlimited viewing access to our entire vault, we invite you to Unlock the Experience with an Auto-Renewable Monthly Subscription to QELLO ALL-ACCESS PASS ($4.99 US per month).

    Here's what you get when you Unlock the Experience:

    QELLO ALL-ACCESS: With the All-Access Pass, you get it all! Watch anything you want, anytime you want. Want to be mesmerized by Hendrix right after rockin' out to a few Pixies songs? Go right ahead. Then catch a Grammy Award-winning Doors documentary right after that. It's all yours.

    QELLO TV gives you hours of free content at your disposal. From Bob Dylan, to Nirvana, to RUN DMC, to Widespread Panic, it's a festival of non-stop musical genius!

    QELLO DOCUMENTARIES: Want to dig a little deeper and learn how some of the greats made their master works? Our Classic Albums documentary series uncover the creative process of legendary albums such as Nirvana's Nevermind, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon, and so much more. Plus we've got countless award-winning documentaries about different artists, bands, and music styles.

    SHARE THE LOVE: Qello doesn't let friends' rock out alone! With 'Sharing,' it's simple to invite your friends and family to experience the music, the lights, and the moments that made and are currently making music history.

    GENRES FOR ALL: Qello's vault spans the spectrum of musical genres, from the '50s to today, carefully curated to serve up just what you're looking for, no matter what you're into.

    Go ahead and Unlock the Experience.

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