Quick Unlock to Home




    This screen locker can get us quick access to home, calling and messages. Just drag down the relative shortcut icon to unlock the screen.

    Look no future, you have just found the best screen locker for you Android device. When it comes to easy to use and creativity, this screen locker is definitely invincible in Android market.


    1. Set settings of vibrate and sound.

    2. Enable this screen locker.

    3. We can get a beautiful background to lock the screen.

    4. There are date and time to save us troublesome of unlocking the screen to check.

    5. Such shortcuts as HOME, CALLING and MEAASGES could be available to us.

    6. Just drag one of them down to unlock the screen and get quick access to make a call, send a message and go to home.


    Simple UI

    Free for Android device

    Works with Android mobiles and tablets

    Supports to lock the screen

    Allows quick access to shortcuts

    Save time and troublesome

    This Quick Unlock to Home is totally free for us to download. You will love it. It is simple to use.


    If you feel good at this screen locker, please give us 5 stars to support us.

    If you think there is some progress to make, email us, please. Thank you!

    A home directory can be a file system directory on a multi-user operating system containing files for a given user of the system. The specifics of the home directory might be defined by the operating system involved; for example, Windows systems between 2000 and 2003 keep home directories in a folder called Documents and Settings.