Rainy Day pack. for dodol pop




    @@@ To use dodol pop package, 'dodol pop' needs to be installed on your phone.

    Have you ever found your reflection on a window looking all melancholy
    when you suddenly looked at yourself while sipping a cup of americano?

    Meet with the sound of raindrops and tranquil water drops notification sound!!
    It will make you all calm if you listen carefully.

    ** Items included in this package
    - 4 videos (for setting video ringtone & video alarm)
    - 4 ringtones
    - 3 sound effects for setting notification sound

    ※ To use dodol pop package, dodol pop needs to be installed on your phone.
    From fun ringtone, notification & alarm sound to Kakao Talk & SMS notification sound and video ring/ alarm!!
    Pimp up your phone with fun sound and video that dodol pop provides.

    ★★ How to use dodol pop Package ★★

    ▶ If dodol pop is uninstalled, search for “dodol pop” in Google Play to install the latest version of dodol pop.

    ▶Launch dodop pop and select “Package” menu, or touch the icon of downloaded package app and set video ringtone & SMS/ notification sound!

    ▶ Search for “dodol pop Package” on Google Play to experience more varied sound package.

    ▶ Please email us at for your inquiry/comment on creating new package.

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