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    When we meet several choices at a time, it is quite hard to make a decision.

    Now you can use this app- Random Decision to help you to make quick decisions randomly.


    This app can help you to make some decisions in your daily life.


    1. You can use it to make decisions among some common choices:

    --0 or 1;

    --1 to 6;

    --Yes or No;

    --Head or Trails;

    --A to Z.

    2. You can use it choose a range;

    3. You can use it decide what to do: Reading a book or Watching a movie. Or what to eat today: Pizza or Hot dog.

    4. You also can use it to play RPG for fun.

    In a word, this app is just an app for entertainment. You can just use it to make some simple decisions.

    While facing some important choices in your life, please do not depend on it. Everything is up to you in fact.


    It is a kind of wisdom to know how to make correct decisions among lots of choices or even attracts.

    But we should always keep in mind that we can't have our cake and eat it, too!

    Now just hope you will like this app.

    If you come across some problems in this app, please let me know.



    This app may be implanted with notification ads or icon ads.


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