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    The genera Sequoia and Sequoiadendron are massive trees. The genus Metasequoia, with the living species Metasequoia glyptostroboides, are smaller trees. The trees in Sequoioideae hold the record for the tallest and largest trees in the world. The tallest tree in the world is a Sequoia sempervirens, the Hyperion Tree. The largest tree in the world is a Sequoiadendron giganteum, the General Sherman Tree.

    The entire subfamily is endangered. Sequoiadendron giganteum and Sequoia sempervirens are Vulnerable species, and Metasequoia glyptostroboides is a critically endangered species on the IUCN Red List. The two California redwood species, since the early 19th century, and the Chinese redwood species since 1948, have been cultivated horticulturally far beyond their origins. They are found in botanical gardens, public parks, and private landscapes in many similar climates worldwide. Plantings outside their native ranges particularly are found in California, the coastal Northwestern and Eastern United States, areas of China, Germany, and the United Kingdom. They are also used in educational projects recreating the look of the megaflora of the Pleistocene landscape.

    Sequoioideae is an ancient taxon. The first Seqoioideae, Sequoia jeholensis, was discovered in Jurassic deposits. The fossil record shows a massive expansion of range in the Cretaceous and dominance of the Arcto-Tertiary flora, especially in northern latitudes. Genera of Sequoioideae were found in the Arctic Circle, Europe, North America, and throughout Asia and Japan. A general cooling trend beginning in the late Eocene and Oligocene reduced the northern ranges of the Sequoioideae, as did subsequent ice ages. The entire paleohistory of Sequoioideae has been a story of migration rather than adaptation. Evolutionary adaptations to ancient environments persisted in all three species despite changing climate, distribution, and associated flora. Morphological stasis over millennia ultimately forced these species into extremely limited ranges where they persist, though in a very vulnerable state.

    If you’re not sure what live wallpapers are, they’re a type of application that works on a mobile device using the Android operating system (like your device!). The application works as a wallpaper – providing the background image for the home screen—but also works as a conventional application since it can provide user-interaction with the touch screen (allowing the image to change dynamically, for example) and access other hardware and software features within the device (accelerometer, GPS, network access, etc.).

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    Please note that live wallpapers can’t be set automatically. We’ll bring you to the setup screen where you’ll select the live wallpaper. We’d love to do it automatically but Android doesn’t allow it. Select text from Wikipedia, which does not endorse this product. Licensed under the creative commons ( Text at and

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    Chris p32

    by Chris p32

    Mar 24, 2016  |  "OK"

    Why does Wallpaper need to know my Location ?



    Dec 08, 2014  |  "Great"

    Very nice

    Rebecca Castro

    by Rebecca Castro

    Jul 02, 2014  |  "Good"

    Keep stop

    Marie Stockwell

    by Marie Stockwell

    Aug 29, 2013  |  "Poor"

    From the moment I installed it, always said "Redwood Live Wallpaper has stopped."