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    Currently this version doesn't work properly with Android Jelly Bean and the later OS.
    If you're using these OS versions, please install it later after we release bug fix for it.

    “The best remote control app for smart use of PC”
    * “Smart phone and smart TV are the current trends. Let’s use PC in a smart way”
    * “How the HTPC and TV in the living room can be used more conveniently?”
    * “Can a smart presentation be possible without keyboard and mouse?”
    Remote+ Pro is a remote control App for utilizing PC in a smart way. You can improve your PC in an advanced media center HTPC, with easy playback control of various media such as music, videos, and pictures. ‘Remote+ Server’ application, provided with ‘Remote+ Pro’, creates and quickly updates your own media database by searching added or deleted media files in the system.

    Try this awesome application if you have been thinking of :

    #1 Can I use my curt PC on desk in a smart way? Remote+ Pro can launch an application or can switch task between running applications. Remote+ Server easily creates library databases by searching and categorizing all the media files in PC, and helps your easy access to any media you want.

    #2 HTPC and old TV in the living room. How can I make my HTPC or old TV smarter? Don’t worry! Control your HTPC using Remote+ Pro. Browse media files, news, and YouTube videos to watch them on your large screen TV. Cumbersome keyboard, mouse, and remote control are integrated in Remote+ Pro.

    #3 Any device replacing keyboard and mouse in the presentation with laptop? Remote+ Pro provides remote control features completely compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as providing virtual keyboard and virtual mouse.

    Remote+ is provided in two versions, Pro and Lite. You can experience basic features with Remote+ Lite for free, before purchasing Remote+ Pro to use full features.

    * Remote+ Pro(paid): no limitations
    * Remote+ Lite(free): 30% of media files in PC can be selected and played. Available features : Keyboard, Touch Pad, Player Settings, Configurations (features provided only in Remote+ Pro : Remote, Navigation, Program Start, Task Switcher, Task Terminator, Shut Down).

    ≤ Main Features
    * Music, Videos, and Pictures: play media files in PC using the Windows Explorer or using media libraries automatically managed for each hard disk
    * YouTube and news: browse YouTube videos and News by category or by customizable search

    Now Playing
    * Equalizer: displays equalizer and elapsed/remained times of currently playing media
    * Playback control: play, pause, go to previous/next media file, mute, volume control, favorites, queue list, close the player

    * Keyboard: virtual keyboard feature
    * Touch pad: virtual mouse feature
    * Remote: remote control feature for multimedia applications
    * Navigation: remote control feature for general applications and system controls
    * Player settings: sets various options regarding media playback (equalizer, screen ratio, subtitle, image effect, etc.)
    * Application Start: launches an application
    * Task Switcher: switches tasks between Windows applications
    * Task Terminator: Terminates the application currently running
    * Shut down: manipulates system power
    * Configuration: sets various options for Remote+ Pro
    * Remote, Navigation, Application Start, Task Switcher, Task Terminator, and Shut down features are supported only in Remote+ Pro

    ≤ Requirements
    * PC with Windows XP/Vista/7
    * Remote+ Server Application (Minimum required version:1.17.1223)
    (needs to be downloaded from SoundGraph homepage ( and to be installed in PC)
    * Wi-Fi wireless network

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