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    Rip Stripe Seal to Unlock

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    Rip stripe seal to unlock the screen here for free! This screen locker Rip Stripe Seal to Unlock supports to lock the screen with cuffed and sealed couple and unlock the screen by ripping stripe seal.

    Enable to set sound or vibrate
    Support full screen or show us status bar
    Fast available to screen locker
    Rip stripe seal to unlock
    Show us date and time

    Free for Android users
    With simple UI and vivid background
    Works with Android mobiles and tablets
    Easy to rip to unlock

    This free app Rip Stripe Seal to Unlock supports to set at first and activate this locker.
    When you want to unlock the screen, you have to rip stripe seal to unlock as you wish.
    This screen locker also supplies us with daily information here.

    1. Set vibrate or sound as you wish. It will act when you unlock the screen.
    2. Full screen can show us beautiful background in the while locked screen.
    If you disable full screen, we may get access to status bar to know more here.
    3. Activate this locker to run for us.
    4. Press POWER key to turn on the locked screen.
    5. We can get what date it is, what day it is and what time it is. It will save us a lot of time and troublesome of unlocking the screen to check out.
    6. If you want to release the cuffed couple, you have to rip stripe seal.
    7. Only in this way can we unlock the screen and go into Android devices.

    This Rip Stripe Seal to Unlock is totally free for Android users. It will avoid accidental touches and save battery. Come to download this app. You will love it!
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