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    The game we know today as "Rock, Paper, Scissors" has been played in countless cultures and time periods. In ancient times, kings would play this game to peacefully settle border disputes. During the great voyages of 15th and 16th century European explorers, captains would settle issues with the crew with a 2 out of 3 match of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Even during the 1969 Moon Landing, Neil Armstrong won a Rock, Paper, Scissors match with Buzz Aldrin to decide who was to step on the moon first.

    Maybe not all of that was true, but what is true is that this is the best Rock, Paper, Scissors App in history. I'm no scholar, but I can tell that this app is already a milestone. With it's rich single player and competitive multiplayer experiences, this app will re-invent the way humans will play Rock, Paper, Scissors forever.

    No longer do you have to use your bare hands to play. No more do you have to ask your colleague, "Is that paper or scissors?" I know they say, "You can't re-invent the wheel," but I think this app just did.

    And unlike most historical artifacts, this one is free of charge. And, did I mention it doesn't even weigh a ton, as a matter of fact, a gram?

    This Monumental Achievement has these following features:
    Single-player: Play against a state of the art computer anytime you want
    Multiplayer: Restart a rivalry with smooth local two-player
    Win/Loss counter: Track how good you are against the computer! And no more arguing on who had more wins!

    In the course of human events, there are a list of inventions and innovations that have changed the lives of humans forever. This app belongs on that list.

    Download Rock, Paper, Scissors! Own history today!

    *Disclaimer-Do not believe any information in this description regarding history, only believe that this app is a monumental achievement

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