Roulette Statistic

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    "Roulette Statistic "is an application which helps you to understand which area of the wheel or what numbers are to play at the table from any casino game.

    This is done through an analysis of the numbers extracted where with math complex functions and several analyses there is communicated as a percentage which areas of the wheel or numbers are more likely.

    The success of these data to the gaming table is due to by very close relationship between the hand and the instinctive movement of every croupier with the wheel with which you are playing that affect extraction of roulette numbers.

    The application is based on American and French roulette, located in every casino.

    WARNING ("this application is not a game, but a calculation and prediction software for Roulette").

    Technical Characteristics:
    * Calculation and prediction of numbers drawn
    * Calculation and forecast of 8 most likely areas of the wheel
    * Calculation and Prediction of default zones (American, Gold, Silver, Small).
    * Calculation and Prediction of default zones (Zero and neighbors, Orphans, 5/8 Series).
    * Instant Statistics for fast feedback on the game table.
    * Under the Casino license, can be used in real casinos

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