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    save@cloud (needs root)

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    Needs Root and right now only DropBox as cloud provider is supported!

    Do you play on more than one Android device? Ever wanted to share your savegames or other application data with your other android devices? Do you want to give your savegames to other friends of yours? Or do you just want to backup your savegames in the cloud?

    Then this app is for you!

    Install this app on all of your android devices and then
    with one click you transfer your savegames into the cloud and with another you get them to the other device.

    Best of all, for a limited time this app will remain free!

    Only downside, you need a root device and only DropBox is supported!

    Future to-dos:
    - add more languages. Right now only english and german is supported (if you want to help to translate this just send me an email to

    - add more cloud providers (right now only DropBox is supported)

    - make it so it only needs one button to synchronize instead of two (one for uploading and one for downloading)

    - make option to undo overwritten save games

    - make it so it does synchronize automatically in the background, without having someone to push a button to do it

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