Scare Joke HD (Prank)




    If you want to play a joke on one of your friends – or whoever you want - and you are trying to scare them, this small Horror app is the right one for you to play a prank.

    After a certain period of time (randomly selected or freely selectable between 4 and 30 seconds) a terrifying high definition image suddenly appears, associated with the roar of a monster or a scream that will scare others to the bone. Additionally, vibration will be activated and a photo shot (up to 6).

    In order to capture the attention of the other person, there will be a small "fake-game", where numbers have to be multiplied and a result has to be chosen or you must rate pictures (better for girls, I think). Hence, the person will be fully concentrated on the cell-phone.
    If your cell-phone has a front camera, a photo in the act of fright will be taken and saved on the SD-card.

    The pro version contains no ad and you can take videos.

    KAIBITS Software does not take any liability for damages that are done to your cell phone/tablet such as dropping or throwing away the phone/tablet.
    Also we take no responsibility for health injuries. This app SHALL NOT be used on people with heart problems, epilepsy problems or the like.

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