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    Introducing Scary Noises HD - the spookiest sounds, all on your Android device.

    Scary Noises HD brings all of the scariest sounds to your fingertips - from ghosts and ghouls to howls and cries - there’s something that will truly send a shiver down your spine!

    When midnight strikes, who knows what ghosts, ghouls and monsters come out to play? With our spooky app for Android, you can scare absolutely anybody with the scariest sounds available. Scary Noises HD brings you evil laughs, nasty cries and so much more!

    With 45 chilling sounds, you can prank anyone, scare them or simply host any Halloween party with the help of our app - set the atmosphere and let the clowns, wolves and the paranormal come out to play!

    Scary Noises HD features crazy sounds including an Evil Laugh, a Ghost Moan and so much more! With famous sound effects and the chilling Halloween Theme - who knows what you will discover deep within Scary Noises HD for Android?

    Do you dare to face Scary Noises HD for Android? 45 spine-chilling sound effects for any spooky occasion!

    Step into the world of the paranormal - and discover 45 chilling sound effects, perfect for any spooky occasion!

    Scary Noises HD is a sound effect application unlike anything you have ever experienced before - it features wild sounds and crazy moans - what unearthly creatures could have emitted these sounds?

    Scary Noises HD for Android is perfect for playing a prank on any of your friends or family - scare the living daylights out of them, and play one of 45 sounds to bring them closer to the paranormal than ever before! Celebrate Halloween in style or bring some atmosphere to Friday the Thirteenth!

    Scary Noises HD is the ultimate prank app for Android - place yourself anywhere hidden, launch the app and tap play on one of 45 sounds! From eerie laughs to creepy clowns, and everything else in-between, with Scary Noises HD, you can bring a fright to anyone’s night!

    Scary Noises HD features some of the most unearthly noises you can find on Android - 45, to be precise! If you have ever wanted to scare your friends or family - Scary Noises HD is the perfect application to do that! It features:

    Chainsaw - the Chainsaw Killer is loose and hidden in the shadows... will he come for you?

    Chains Rattling - who’s there? Only you will know with this supernatural, poltergeist-like sound!

    Creaking Door - the classic horror sound of a door opening slowly on rusty hinges!

    Creepy Clown - they can be funny, or they can be scary... but who said clowns couldn’t be both?

    Eerie Laugh - the wind blows like a whistle through the trees in this paranormal sound effect!

    Evil Laugh - only madmen laugh this way... so, where is he hidden?

    Friday the Thirteenth - the supernatural soundtrack for any Friday the 13th!

    Ghost Moan - you have heard it dozens of times before, and now you can control it from the palm of your hand!

    Halloween Theme - this classic, spooky soundtrack will never get old - play it directly from your smartphone with this frightening, free app!

    Howling - midnight has struck... the wolves are howling at the alluring moonlight!

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