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    6 Pranks In One App! (Buy the Full Version to unlock all pranks!) Scary Prank offers six different ways to scare your friends, family, or maybe even strangers! All of these options bring your victim close to the screen. He or she will concentrate intensely at what appears to be only a game or movie clip. But then suddenly, the screen flashes, a scream comes from your device, and a creepy face, ghost, or zombie jumps out at them!

    Scary Prank comes with these following pranking modes:
    1) Optical Illusion - Displays an optical illusion that gets the person to stare intensely at the "illusion"
    2) Reflex Test - A game that "measures your reflexes"
    3) Concentration Test - A game that requires the player to concentrate completely on the given instructions
    4) Reading Mode - A few paragraphs of a story for your victim to read (made to look like an actual e-Reader page!)
    5) Surprise Timer - Set this timer and your device appears to be off. But once the countdown is finished, its comes back on with a shout and scares whoever is near!
    6) Fake Movie Clip - This mode displays a calming mountain top scene with a soothing piano background. Your victim becomes relaxed and enjoys the video

    Along with these modes, Scary Prank comes with the options to set the length of time each mode can be played. Also, you can choose from 3 frightening pictures and 3 creepy sounds to scare your victim. Just remember to be careful. You wouldn't want to scare someone so bad they drop your device!

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