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    Add fun and excitement to game night with ScoreGeek! Track any board game's scores, see detailed statistics and compete to unlock achievements. ScoreGeek is the ultimate app for board game fans!

    • Game Library

    Choose from an ever-growing library of game plugins that make scoring faster, easier and more interesting. For example:

    7 Wonders: Calculate your science points automatically
    Agricola: Select animal ranges from a drop-down list
    Terra Mystica: View wins, average scores and high scores by faction

    Over 400 games are available now and more are added every day. You can browse the game library at

    • Custom Games

    It only takes a moment to add a custom game to track scores, history and achievements. You can even search BoardGameGeek for the game name, ID and artwork. After creating your game it’s easy to share it with the community.

    • Achievements

    Do you have the current high score? Did you beat your personal best? Are you on a winning streak? Now you’ll know for sure.

    • History

    Your entire game history is now at your fingertips. View details about each session including: game, date, players, teams, colors, factions, scores, notes, location, achievements and photos.

    • and Social Integration

    Full integration with lets you automatically import your game library, import past plays, and post new plays to The Geek. Social integration lets you share your session photos, scores, achievements and stats with your friends.

    • Free Cloud Storage

    Automatically keep your scores backed up and synced on all of your devices. Your gaming group can even share a cloud account: score a game on one member’s device and it will sync to everyone in your group.

    • Other Fun Stuff

    There are so many other fun and useful things: a buzzer, a timer, a stopwatch, a photo gallery, unlockable avatars, meta-game achievements, score widget API, favorite games, history filters, backdated sessions and more!

    Try it today and make your next game night a little bit more awesome!

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