Scouts Codes

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    This is a useful tool for the scouts chiefs (and not only) who have to prepare activities, including the creation of ciphered messages, which in this application can quickly be done and sent to another device.

    The application ciphers text into different types of codes, most of them, well known Scouts codes. You can also use the help screen of each code to better understand how it works and to help decipher messages.

    You can also view the ciphered message and share it by different means:
    - Message text
    - E-mail
    - Bluetooth
    - Instagram
    ...and many other sharing platforms and applications.

    The codes available in this version are:
    - Reverse the Words
    - Read Every Letter X
    - Numbers for Letters
    - Reverse the Alphabet
    - Half-reverse Alphabet
    - Codeword
    - Sliding Scale
    - Morse Code
    - Pig Pen Code
    - Cipher Block
    - International Flag
    - Pass X Birds
    - Braille Code
    - Date Code
    - Roman-Arab Code
    - Crab Code
    - Chinese Code
    - Semaphore Code

    Hope this application can be usefull for you and report us for new codes and updates you would like to see on it!

    Enjoy ciphering!