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    Get your Disco Disco Boom Boom Phonechievement – the geeky way! ;)

    Rather than having to manually turn off and back on your devices screen for 1200 times (in a day!), we have asked of our dear Android for a little help – we’re in this together, after all :)

    What ‘Droid explained he does to achieve this is mumbo-jumbo to us, but maybe you wanted to know, so here’s the transcript:
    “This will lower the screen-off timeout to platform minimum (10s) and start a service to automatically wake the device up after the screen turns off. After the required on-off count (1200) has been reached, ‘Droid will immediately stop the service and restore the screen-off timeout to its original value.”

    • The whole process could take 3+ hours with the screen being on most of the time, so significant battery drainage should be expected.
    • Other mechanisms preventing or postponing the device from going to sleep will elongate the process.

    The sole purpose of this app is to automate a cumbersome task of achieving the Disco Disco Boom Boom Phonechievement ( No cheating or modifying of Phonechievements apps data has been done, just a bit of inspired automation.

    Dream of Electric Sheep does not guarantee the application will work with the described desired effect on every (and that also means yours) device.

    This application is provided as is and further development of features and improvements for it is not planned as of now.

    Dream of Electric Sheep is in no way affiliated with PixelMark (the maker of Phonechievements).

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