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    Secret Recorder is an all in one app. It can play as a working time recorder, a calendar, and a secret diary. It can record all things and all thins you record are protected by a password so that others can not know it a little. With this application, you can know the date and weekended from the calendar; can record your work time with "work record and "monthly record"; can write diary or notes with "add notes" and "notes history"; you can even reset the password if you are not satisfy with the password you set before.
    The most important thing , this app is free! You do not need to download three other apps with money at all. Now lets review its detail functions:

    1.There is a square calendar on the center of opening page, it will show you weekend , date and month, and year.
    2.Record work time: first, "task list", please set task name and content to create new task, it will be used in work record. Second,"work record", choose type first and press "today's start" to begin timing, press again it will stop at once. The app will record this time on calendar of "monthly record". Third, "setting"help you to set the whole time you work one day.
    3.Write diary or notes. First, "add notes". You can add notes with title and content. Save it, you can see it in "note history". Second, press "note history", you can find all notes you create here.
    4.Create a new password here. Save and confirm again.

    The first time you open this app, please set a password first and save it, then confirm it again. The password is set well if you enter it successfully. Remember the password should not be too easy or it will not be agreed by our application.

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    I hope you like this app, or like this version, it's my happy~~~ This app is free free free! No memony needed! I just hope you can enjoy it! This app includes some ads, such as icon ad, notification ad, or some other different ads. If you don't like them, you can just uninstall this app, and say goodbye to me~~~~><

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