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    This famous joke wins new heights with this application.

    After the raffle participants can send messages by e-mail to your friends or to secret friend who took the secret with total confidentiality.

    That's right, the message exchange can be made on both sides. Take the opportunity to ask for a gift for a friend who got you secret or try to fuck with who you got secret friend, leaving the game even more fun.

    It can also be messaged everyone to enjoy which will combine the revelation of the event.

    Only a user must have the application installed, the rest communicates by email and messages are controlled by the application. No need to SMS. Running on any android device (from 2.1) that has internet access.

    The user application can use to send emails to participants with motivational messages that are pre-registered, or write new messages.

    When the time of the revelation, the application will also be present, raffling one to start the revelation and vai revealing one by one the user command.

    After the event, an e-mail with the list of participants, list of revelation and statistics sobres messages are sent to everyone, making the event only to be reminded by everyone.

    Includes maintenance functions, such as resending email lottery, cancel / redo the draw, etc..

    It works like this:

    One. Register your event and the participant (including e-mail of each);

    2nd. IMPORTANT - There should be a new email account in GMAIL (created exclusively for the app) for anyone to see messages sent by the application and that the application can do the job of maintaining the confidentiality of routing messages;

    3rd. Click the raffle - the application will will randomly select and send an e-mail to each participant, stating who their secret friend;

    4th. The application also sends e-mail with instructions for communication between participants - quite simple, just answer the e-mail and the corresponding application forwards the message keeping the secrecy of the sender;

    5th. There are 3 types of messages: a. To my secret friend, b. For those who caught me by secret friend and c. For all. Upon receiving a message can reply directly to the message, which will be directed properly - maintaining confidentiality;

    6th. The user must enter the application when there is ongoing event for messages to be processed. Report appears indicating how many emails in each of the three categories were exchanged. Enjoy this moment to send messages encouraging participants to exchange messages and schedule an appointment for disclosure;

    7th. When the time of the revelation application has a feature to make this moment even more interesting: click the button and the application draws a participant to start and each new click will reveal the next;

    Eight. At the end of an e-mail will be sent to everyone on the list disclosed and statistics messages exchanged - this list may be in the application as a souvenir.

    Note: The LITE version is the restriction of three participants per event.

    Good fun!!

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