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Secret Video Recorder Gold

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    Secret Video Recorder Gold

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    SVR Gold is a Fabulous app that allows you to record anything you want without knowing Others. SVR Gold is easy to install, easy to use app.
    SVR Gold supports unlimited number of devices with an extra ordinary video & audio quality.SVR Gold works sliently in the background & in sleep mode without draining battery.
    SVR is used as a CCTV/Security video recording/Surveillance camera.
    SVR Gold allows you to capture things through video, while you are recording the app seems closed but if you started recording it's still running with a notification,which can be removed through SVR Settings.
    You can also change quality of Video recording.
    App provides both Front and back Camera for recording videos.
    You can also change Time Duration of Recording Video.
    This feature allows you to record and spy on the environment where you leave your smartphone.
    To Stop recording , press again on the SVR Gold launcher Icon.
    All your files are saved into the folder named SPY_PRO on your sdcard or device's storage


    -This app records video in background.
    -You can use others applications while recording(except Game Playing)
    -Maximum recording time 4 hours.
    -You can also change quality of Video recording.
    -App provides both Front and back Camera Usability.
    -You can also change Time Duration of Recording Video.
    -App creates Two icon onto your device's desktop , pressing SVR-Pro icon starts/stops the recording,while SVR settings icon is to change the default settings of SVR Gold.You can Enable/Disable the SVR Notification.

    USES -

    • Hidden video recording
    • Visual Evidence creator
    • Monitoring your home/work like- CCTV/Surveillance camera
    • Spying on Someone
    • Recording without camera preview

    So feel free to capture anything without worrying of being caught.

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