Valentine's Day, use ShakeLED to show your mind

    As commercial use of magic LED stick (POV display) in the concert, like shaking his stick can show word Message.

    By fast switching the LED switch, the use of visual persistence (Persistence of vision) of the principle
    The reason is caused by the optic nerve of the reaction rate, and its value is the twenty-fourth seconds.
    In the air does not exist on the big screen 64x16 lattice, roll out the text

    Objects in rapid motion, when the human eye sees the image disappears, the human eye can continue to retain its image, the image of about 0.1-0.4 seconds, a phenomenon known as persistence of vision phenomenon.

    Video Demos

    1) In the text box, enter the desired text message
    Or click on button to choive a list of common messages
    2) Select the desired color
    3) toward each other from side to side to shake iPhone
    4) the form of LED text will appear in the virtual big screen

    Shake out the best tips
    1) try to keep the level of the mobile, you can try hand straight not move, only rotate the waist
    2) You can also select the symbols used in the message and then modify it
    3) 2 ~ 3 word is best over display range will be FULL,,

    What is POV Display:
    A class of display device described as "POV" is one that composes an image by displaying one spatial portion at a time in rapid succession (for example, one column of pixels every few milliseconds). A 2 dimensional POV display is often accomplished by means of rapidly moving a single row of LEDs along a linear or circular path. The effect is that the image is perceived as a whole by the viewer as long as the entire path is completed during the visual persistence time of the human eye. A further effect is often to give the illusion of the image floating in mid-air.
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