You don’t need a huge room to enjoy the immersive viewing experience of a large screen TV. With
    our ultra-slim, high-resolution large screen AQUOS LED TVs, you can comfortably enjoy the ultimate
    viewing experience from as little as 2.5 metres from the screen*.

    Don't believe us? The "SHARP AR-TV" App is an easy and fun way to visualise how
    your dream TV fits perfectly on a wall or on a TV stand in any interior. You can browse our range of
    large screen AQUOS TV's, from 50 inch to 90 inch, and using the latest in AR (Augmented Reality)
    technology the TV appears to scale in your room.


    - Select the TV setup type (stand or wall mounted)

    - Swipe left or right to change the TV model

    - Select the required screen size, from 50 inches to 90 inches

    - Visualise your chosen large screen AQUOS TV live in your room and walk around to see how the TV
    looks from every angle

    - Click through to our website to get detailed product information and content on your selected
    large screen TV

    - Take photos of the large screen TV so that you can share and see what your friends think of your

    - Check the optimal viewing distance in your room for your selected large screen TV with our viewing
    distance guide

    - To get started simply download the "SHARP AR TV" App for free.

    Print out the marker** and place it where you would like your large screen TV to reside
    (remembering the marker can be used to show the position of the TV as either wall mounted or on a
    stand). Start the App and point the camera at the marker. The TV will appear on your screen as if
    it's really there in front of you.

    In optimal conditions** the app will work up to a distance of 3.5 meters away from the marker, the
    perfect viewing distance for a 90 inch screen!

    The "SHARP AR TV" App is compatible with many devices, but will work best with
    the highest specification smartphones and tablets.

    * Applies to the recommended viewing distance for 60 inch models

    ** The marker should be printed on an A4 page which should not be bent nor crumpled. Make sure that the paper is non-glossy and not affected by light reflection. The App should be used in a well lit room.

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