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    Shot Battleship
    Have you ever thought you can shot the battle ship of foreign countries? You can hear the sound of the running of battle and you can shot a great rocket or bullet to them! It is a war and you can not failure in war or you will have a bad result!
    Shot Battleship is a free battle game that played on android mobile phone. You can set shot which countries battle (we prepare you America, soviet union, Germany, Britain four countries for you to choose) and in which city the war is happening(every country offer you about seven cities for you to choose. For example, if you choose America, you can shot in north Carolina, south Dakota and so on). After choosing position, you can start training, you search the high score or have a tutorials first. If you do not know the place4 you choose well, you can also search the Wikipedia directly in the app(we prepared you a link to Wikipedia, please press to enter.).
    When you play the game, do not forget open the volume and it can make the war more realistic. Hearing the battle sound,the game will become more extincting!
    1.Totally free for all people that use android mobile phone.
    2.Choose which country to have the war.
    3.Choose which city to shot battles!
    4.Start training and you will get the score with playing.
    5.Search the high score list.
    6.Have a tutorial first before the game if you are not familiar with the game.
    7.Search the weapon information in wiki.
    8.Four buttons help you know and manage the game well:
    -Back button help you back to former page.
    -Home button take you back to home/opening page directly.
    -Game button can tell you the information about the game and how to play this game easily. You can press tutorial button in this game to know how to use mobile ply it.
    -Supply button take your suggestions to me and please offer us 5 scores to encourage us. Thanks very much!

    Standard about the score:
    Try best to wave your mobile to get the maximum acceleration in longitudinal direction and pressing the reduce volume as quickly as possible. The quicker the acceleration is, the higher the score you can get.
    Try best to hold the mobile stable. When you press the volume button, the more stable you hold mobile, the higher score you will get!

    How to manage the app?
    Sliding around and you can see other choices when you choose the war county and city. The score and tutorial and wiki information are all in slide page.

    This is a mobile phone war for all android people! It is free for everyone. Download it, I bet you will love it much!

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