Simple Screen Unlock

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    Simple Screen Unlock

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    This is a simple screen lock which could help you to lock and unlock your phone screen.
    Just slide down the shortcuts strip down and your phone screen could be unlocked.

    My friends,how about trying some new screen lock instead of the default phone screen lock???

    General Settings for screen lock:

    Here there are three options for you.
    1.Turn on and off the screen lock by one tap.
    If you want to use this screen lock,click it to turn it on.
    Maybe after some while,you want to use a new screen lock,at this time,you could turn it off.
    And it won't work any longer until it is enabled again.

    If you turn on the vibration,after the phone screen is unlocked,it will vibrate to remind you.

    It is similar with the vibration.
    If the screen is unlocked,it will play sound to remind you.

    Both the vibration and sound work as the reminder.


    Now we jump to the unlocking screen.
    Here there are some basic functions offered for you.
    For example,you could check the current time and date on the unlocking screen.

    At the lower part,there is a shortcuts strip,including Phone,Locker and Message.
    If you press the locker and drag the shortcuts strip down,the phone could be unlocked successfully.

    Similarly,if you press the Phone icon and drag the shortcuts strip down,it will go to the Contacts interface after the phone is unlocked.

    It is the same with the Message.Press the Message icon to drag down the shortcuts strip,it will go to the Message interface after the phone screen is unlocked.

    After seeing all these introduction,I guess you must have a strong urge to download it to your phone !!!
    Take the new lock and unlocking experience!!!

    Please give the screen lock 5 stars to support us!!!
    I would be appreciated for what you have done!!!