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    ★ easy words, all the main features of mobile phones that can be used quickly and easily the best commodity ★
    ★ groups terminator voice commands ! Rated in gems ! ★
    Now , do not envy SIRI , which you and your staff to recognize your own voice commands to use seem lucky secretary Andres .

    ● Used to do this !
    Phone search box Internet button Press to write ... See the map search window float one map , but ...
    Much trouble , right? Now, word is the end for all.
    Easy, fast and perfect precision to solve the inconvenience of your site.

    ● How to use
    Andhra your look , touch and voice commands

    1) search function
    Click the Start button , and the search word (s) you wish to search for words
    Connect the automatic search function .

    Example ) Search: Google Kim , Kim Naver , then Kim , Nate Kim

    2) Search with map
     Click the Start button , the word and I want to map areas of the building,
    Just say the location shown on the map screen .

    Example) Map: Seoul, Pusan ​​map , map of Seoul National University

    3) Make a call
     Click the Start button , call ( or calls) to connect with people who say the word
    Just dial screen is displayed.

    Example) : Phone Kim , phone John Smith
       Cole: Cole Kim , call John Doe , call John Smith

    4) a variety of other features will be updated.

    ● Update Progress Content
    ※ more powerful and useful features are constantly being added.

    - Voice of the main program execution and operation
    - A message sent to a friend ( Kakao Talk , cocoa Story, My People , lines, chaeton , Facebook, Twitter)

    ★ valuable ideas Welcome customers .
      If you use the program functions much as the better of the Contact Point , please contact us.
    * In the case of malicious spam and report processing akpeul deliberate . Please be careful not to accuse .

    * This app complies with Google Play developer content policy .
      If you have any questions, please contact the Contact Point must .
      We will respond as quickly as possible so .

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