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    Sky Draw is the app with the best atmosphere there is !

    Sky Draw lets you draw in the sky using numerous realistic elements such as : Clouds, Suns, Moons, Stars and Rainbows..

    The Cloud brush gives you the option to create realistic looking clouds in different shapes and sizes limited only by your imagination ! Really cool !

    Add a sun to the sky.. or even two suns, and control their ray power !
    'Night Mode' will turn every sun to a moon, and allow you to see a clear view to stars added by you !

    You can easily create your Sky Draw picture and post it directly to Facebook for your friends to see !

    Draw your own rainbow, easily, by choosing the rainbow tool and resizing/rotating it.
    The transformation tool lets you relocate, resize and rotate any drawn object.

    Want to draw a new sky draw ? Just shake the device, and watch the sky object move away stylishly... don't miss the falling stars !

    Get it now, and start to draw in mid-air :)

    Keys :

    Drawing, painting, sketching, dibujar, dibujo, Zeichnung, zu zeichnen,
    de tirer des, dessin, disegno, disegnare, 画, рисование, рисовать

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