Slap Now




    What are your favorite ways of decompressing after a stressful day?

    It seems that no matter what you do to release your pressure, there is a great decompressing way for you.

    Today we would like to offer you a decompressing app- Slap Now, which offers you an effective way to release your pressure.


    With this app, you just need to extend your hand, then touch the screen of your phone forcefully.

    If you want to release you pressure at most, please use all your strength to slap the screen.


    1. Easy operation;

    2. Customized setup:

    --allows you to change the way to start the slapping;

    --allows you to choose the sound effects from five sounds( slap, pat pan, punch and so on);

    --allows you to set the sensibility of this app;

    --allows you to open vibrate while slapping;

    --allows you to open flash light while slapping.


    Modern people face great pressure from work and life.

    If we do not release the pressure, our daily stresses will build up gradually, which may lead to mental trouble.

    All of us should find a way to release our pressure in our life and work.

    Slap Now is also one of them. Now we offer it to you. All android users can free download it from our website.

    Hope you can benefit from it and keep your bodies and minds in good condition all the time. Quick try it now!

    About Work pressure:

    Work pressure is the compelling force or influence that comes from one's work. Nowadays with the competition becoming more and more fierce, work pressure has become a serious problem for every person.

    It has lots of negative effects. For example, it does much harm to people's physical health. Put under the constant pressure to keep their competitive edge, people work harder. They may catch some diseases under exhausting conditions. It also can lead to some psychological disorders.

    We should learn to release our work pressure.

    So today we strongly recommend you to install this app- Slap Now.