Sleep Storm Lite

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    Listen to the sounds of rain and thunder while you fall asleep.

    This application will play the relaxing sounds of rain and thunder for 22 minutes. It contains one sound track. This track does not loop, so there will not be any gaps in the playback.

    -22 minutes of soothing rain and thunder sounds
    -Allows instant restarting or stopping of the sounds
    -Allows looping for those
    -Runs as a service to prevent being automatically killed by task managers

    Perfect for:
    -Traveling on airplanes/buses/trains
    -Drowning out pesky sounds that keep you awake (dripping water, pets, neighbors, etc)
    -Those suffering from constant tinnitus
    -Pretending you are in a rainstorm!

    NOTE: This version differs from the normal version in that the sound track is half the length.

    WARNING: This file is large (26MB). I recommend downloading via wifi.

    Remember to plug your phone in to a power source before falling asleep! No one likes to wake up to a dead phone. ;)

    More storm tracks coming soon!

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