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    Only with your device and "Slot Car Trainer" you will have a chronometer and lap counter for any scale, analog or digital, electric slot cars track (like Scalextric, Ninco, Carrera, Superslot, FastLane...).

    1) Setup your track ("Helmet" icon or "Menu - Profile")
    2) Put your device near your lane
    3) Calibrate it (Menu - Sensors - Choose and press Configure)
    4) RUN!!
    - Each time your car passes near your device it will display your lap time and if it was your fastest lap or your record lap.
    - You can use your voice for lap signaling (ideal for Radio Control drivers).

    Slot Car Diary integration: The fastest way to load your profile!!
    Save your statistics in Slot Car Diary too!!

    Write me! Don't hesitate to contact me. I'll help you as much as I can.

    1) Improve your technique.
    2) Check your car upgrades (tyres, engine...).
    3) Know your cars:
    - Which car is the most stable?
    - Which one is one-lap fastest?
    - ...

    1) Chronometer and Lap Counter:
    - "Rally Mode" and Sector Timing
    - Acceleration races ("Drag") with reaction time timing
    - Race (only between two analogic cars)
    2) Text Zoom
    3) Colour code:
    - White: Normal lap
    - Green: Race Best lap
    - Magenta: Track Record lap
    4) Auto-Pause when receiving calls
    5) Track Stats (length, scale and record lap speed and time)
    6) To Save/Share Statistics
    7) Achievements (laps and records) - BETA

    PRO Features
    1) Unlimited Laps
    2) Lap-Time to Speech
    3) No Advertisements
    4) Race stats (total time, laps and time/speed for best lap and average/improved average laps)
    5) Lap detail and "gap" with the fastest lap
    6) Sector or reaction time details
    7) To save/share car&driver and lap details
    8) Selective Mute
    9) Customizable sounds
    10) Race: See your initials ("DBL 1 of 12" instead of "Lap 1 de 12")
    11) Achievements (time and distance) - BETA

    1) Terminal Calibration (Menu - Sensors).
    - This process seems to be complex, but if you watch my videos you will see that it is so simple.
    - You also can use the wizard or the tutorial (press the "Help" [?] button).
    - However, if you have any problem, don't hesitate to contact me and I will help you as much as I can.
    2) Adjust your track ("Helmet" or "Menu - Profile" - Track).
    3) Press "Start" button and... Run!!

    - Introduction, with shortcuts.
    - It contains the start lights, the timer, the lap counter and the record, best and last laps.
    - Here, if you press MENU you will go to the other screens.
    - For calibrating the "car detector". A wizard is included.
    - You can switch to "Voice Control" from this screen.
    - Track and Race configuration (laps, scale, meters or yards, length, current record...)
    - How do you want to play today?
    - NOTE: To save changes in Sensitivity, Race and Mode you must press the SAVE button.
    - Enable or disable and change speech speed
    - Increase text size for the main screen
    - Remember your progress and share it (for the moment...)
    - Links to my Email, Youtube, Google Plus and Google Play.
    - Your vote is very important!
    - Track (Free/PRO): length, scale and record lap (time&speed).
    - Race (PRO): Number of laps, total time and time&speed of fastest, average and improved average laps.
    - Laps (PRO): Details of each lap, with the "gap" with the fastest one and sector/reaction times.

    This application is only intended for home usage.
    Before buying PRO version check the FREE One to check that your terminal is fully compatible.
    This application avoids any responsibility if not met the above.

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