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    Want to have some crazy fun with your Android Phone photos?

    Introducing Snapicon - the new way to add emotions to your images!

    Add speech and thought bubbles; Enlarge, shrink and rotate emoticons for maximum creativity, add a bit of expression to all of your photos!

    Snappify all of your photos within seconds - give every single photograph a new and different emotion.

    Snapicon app is the new way to share your emotions with friends, family, and social contacts on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

    Download the Snapicon app to easily transform your photos—in a snap and for free!

    The Snapicon app provides everything you need to enhance your photos with amusing expressions. With this app you add emoticons and Emoji characters, also referred to as smileys, in the exact position you want them on your photo. You can also add captions. Share your photos with your family and friends and see who has the most creative skills!

    Here’s how Snapicon works:
    1. Take a picture with your Android Phone or use an existing photo on your camera roll.

    2. Add one or more emoticons to your photo.

    3. Position the emoticons to the perfect size.

    4. Add words for instant expression.

    5. View the enhanced photo for your own enjoyment or share with family and friends via popular social media communities.

    That’s all it takes for Snapicon to make your photos more exciting and entertaining!

    The following is just a sample of what you can do with Snapicon:

    =) Express yourself in just about any language
    Snapicon allows you to use any of the 50+ languages supported by the Android Phone!

    =) Share Photos Using Integrated Social Media
    Share your photos using the most popular social media communities, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr. You can also share your photos via your blog!

    =) Select from a Variety of Emoticons
    Let your creativity loose using a variety of emoticons and Emoji characters that are accessible with a single click. If you’re not sure what you want—experiment!

    =) Add a Personal Caption
    Easily add a caption to your photos and add life to them!

    =) Create and Edit Within a User-Friendly Interface
    Easily access and use all Snapicon features from a single screen!

    =) Enjoy Free Use
    Enjoy most of the features of Snapicon at no cost!

    Download Snapicon today and be prepared for more exciting photos!

    Team Snapicon would love to hear your feedback, questions, or suggestions! :)

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    Have Fun and Enjoy!
    Team Snapicon

    Features recap:
    - Add a caption, speech and thought bubbles
    - Drag and drop over 400 emoticons!
    - Enlarge, shrink or rotate emoticons!
    - Add a bit of creativity to all of your photos!
    - Socially share your Snappified images!
    - Express with 50+ International Languages