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    Published: 2013-08-14, by Manu Galvez.

    Sources allows you to create computer graphics images and animations

    • Original idea
    • Built-in video tutorials and examples
    • Complex, not for average users
    • Tutorials should be more accessible and intuitive
    • Design

    "Create your own graphic animations"

    This isn't a drawing program: there are preset that you can edit and animate at your whim, using the tools the app provides. Thus, you can combine geometrical shapes and set repeating patterns to create beautiful animations.

    First off select the image preset, you can apply waveforms, spirals, cones, gradients and change the animation focus. Likewise, you can set the cycles, the strength, the color, ratio and other parameters for waveforms, animations and other shapes. Just drag and drop to create and edit, undo/redo as many times as you need and turn some static elements into a harmonious animation.

    Although the idea backing this app is great (creating your own graphics and animations from given sources), the app is complex and that would be a barrier for average users. Yes, it's quite difficult to get the hang of it. However, if you are patient and love challenges, you can watch the 7 built-in video tutorials which take you through every aspect of the app. In addition, there are over 40 built-in examples. Because watching what others made is the best way to learn.

    Besides, it should be enhanced on the design side to make it more usable.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Aug 14, 2013


    ***** Android Authority: 10 best apps of June *****
    ***** The Guardian: Top Apps of the week: July ****

    2 hints for people trying this app:
    - drag from the 4 source buttons, don't click them, and
    - watch at least some of the built-in "video" lessons and demos.
    Sources (even the Lite version) is a deep program.

    "Sources" is a fun and unique program for creating computer graphics images and animations. It allows you to combine simple geometric constructs (waves and repeating patterns) in various ways. Surprisingly complex (and often quite beautiful) things can emerge. (The background to the banner above was done with Sources.) It is deep, with countless possible permutations. It works on fairly modest phones and on large tablets.

    Sources is not a drawing program - you do not manipulate pixels. Rather, you place and adjust "sources" - suppliers of repeating waveforms. You can turn on animation and watch the various parts move and interact. To get an idea of the range of things that Sources can do (so far!) have a look at the galleries on the web site. See also the montage of images above. 58 examples are built in to the App to give you inspiration and show how certain effects can be achieved. Some of these demonstrate features of SourcesPro and those parts will not be editable on SourcesLite.

    Of course, animation adds a whole other dimension, and with SourcesPro you can even set your designs as live wallpapers, using the free SourcesWP market://details? . SourcesWP requires Android 4.0+.

    Please note that it is possible to create moving/flashing patterns with the App when you animate. If you are susceptible to epilepsy caused by flashing lights, see the warning which comes up before the App starts.

    Lite Version:
    - full basic functionality. (Pro version has a number of additional features, plus much higher quality output.)
    - no waveform functions, which add a whole range of possibilities
    - no image optimizations
    - can't create the largest images or animation
    - no limit controls on Sources
    - can't create or edit live wallpapers for SourcesWP
    - just 3 levels of undo/redo

    The full set of differences is described here:

    It's fun, and you will not exhaust its possibilities for a very long time!

    Explore, and enjoy!

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