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    See on what days you have your and your friends Birthdays in Mercurial, Venerian, Martian and other calendars. Find out on what day two different people can celebrate their Birthdays together !
    Not only Birthdays, learn anniversary dates for any events you could think of.
    When we say that something happened on this day some years ago we always mean the Earth years. Why not to use Martian or Venerian or other planet years ? One Earth year is the time required for the Earth to complete its full circle around the Sun. Astronomy tells us what is this time for any other planet of our solar system. Using this information the application can calculate how many Martian or any other planet years have passed since any event you could think of.
    Defining new events is a very simple task. All you need to do is to select the event's date and to provide a brief description of the event.
    Now you don't need to look for a reason for getting together and celebrate something ! Just run the application and see what is coming up next.
    Say, you entered only one event which is your Birthday. Normally you celebrate it only once per year. Now you can add at least 4 Mercurial and one Venerian Birthdays - 6 in total. On some years it will be more (Martian, Jovian, you find it out !). If you also add Birthdays of 10 of your friends you will have at least 66 reasons per year to celebrate something, every 5-6 days ! Is not it good ? But don't limit yourself to the Birthdays. Any event deserves a celebration.
    Have fun !

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