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    Specialized Video Player

    It is more and more popular of watching movies on mobile phone, because this is very worthy. You need not buy a ticket, and you can enjoy movies at any time and any places. Today there are more and more video players which are used on the mobile phone. But it is difficult to find a best one. Many players announce that they have lots of functions, but do you think that the more functions a player has, the better you can enjoy movies? I don't think so. Now I introduce a video player which is simple and easy.

    Its name is Specialized Video Player. Specialized Video Player is a video player which is specialized to watch movies. It only has one function to let you enjoy movies on your mobile phone to your heart's content. It can be used on the Android phones and tablets.

    Let me introduce it in detail..

    1. If you are the first time to open this app, all the various videos are searched and listed automatically. So you needn't search or add some one movie manually.

    2. If you want to enjoy some one video, you just click it, then it will be played automatically.

    3. This player's operation is rather simple. If you touch the screen, a time line appears. You can touch the "play/pause" button to pause the movie or continue. Touching the left side up and down of the screen, you can adjust the brightness; touching the right side up and down of the right side, you can adjust the volume.

    4. If you touch one video for a little longer, a list appears. You can rename this video or delete it.

    Brief Video Player is brief because it is only designed to help you enjoy videos to your heart's content. There is no other added function. So it can be more professional. I bet it absolutely your best choice.

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