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    A simple assistant for players of tabletop Shadowrun RPG.
    This dice roller is specific to Shadowrun RPG :
    Throw the number of dice of your Shadowrun character's Dice Pool and you will know the number of Hits and if there is Glitche or, bad, Critical Glitche.
    - Quickrolls buttons
    - Simple Tests AND Extended Tests
    - One die by default (you can adjust the default Pool size in the preferences)
    - Focus in the field open the numeric keyboard
    - Plus and Minus button to adjust the Dice Pool
    - Max 50 dice ("No more munchkin...")
    - Rule of six if you check the "Edge" box (Reroll the six)
    - Throws logs
    - Statistics

    Default language : English

    (To know more on the Shadowrun RPG :
    In English :
    In French : )

    You can contact me by mail, on twitter @CyolFalcon or on my blog (french)

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